26 January, 2009


The purpose of this blog is to encourage me to be more studious in my courses and to properly read, observe and query life.

The new year of study doesn't start for another month just yet, but there is no harm in learning in advance. Indeed, it could quite possibly prove beneficial to me as I have not quite yet mastered how to appropriately write essays and pass exams.
I'll happily admit I'm a bit behind some people in the literacy area, but I make up for it with enthusiasm.

To elaborate on myself, I am studying with the aim to become an Ecology and Evolution major, and a Natural Management major. Hopefully after I graduate I can continue on to become an honours student of this amazing man.
As it is, my first semester shall be filled with Population Ecology, Human Ecology, Vegetation Ecology and genetics. All of which sounds very fascinating to me.

Personal information on myself is that I like to draw, sell my products on SouthernArts, I have long hair and I like taking photos.

The blog will of course be punctuated with the occasional photo of my three gorgeous lagomorphs.

Back to front: Sasha the deaf, vision impaired dwarf lop. Coffee, the American Sable. Komi, the (False) Netherland Dwarf with inefficient calcium tolerance via sludge

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